Baschak 2 – IV

Fire goyard the mountains are on fire

Free the peasant, feed the fountain

Streams getting higher. (Ya diggg

Blue blue the sky free the sky

The wallet flaps goodbye flap goodbye

ya digg


Baschak 2 – III

The first stop, round all the stains which they claim
Like a blindfolded dwarf, he met two men from the Garcia family
they were chained to 8 poles, starvin and saucin en clair
flying to them to check their temperature, see if it was hot or cold
Gaudio Certamis – they were still living – both as young as old
There rang out a battle-cry, or a horn, and Hans chained himself to them
and encircled by melodies and fantasies he lay there dormant
till his ride arrived, and he had to rush off for a while
Rushing, but leaving his consciouss there on that street

Baschak 2 – II

that – feeble screems mumbling to deafness by the pavement grey
he set out – the concrete of die stadt pushed heavily
‘and another century is born and died – he heard her say
he loved her long and it took up all of his time
till he was as boring as an old song – and old song
here – feeble chorus (este som sa…)) vanishing into deafness
the border below – old and long – There – weak and new
a seed must be planted,
though the pavement does not allow it
Der Mr. Aug. Exc. Prof. Dr. X will not have it

‘Ich wilde es niet erlauben! – but sur
‘… Bin ich nicht Klar?? – but sur if you would?
But he wouldnt – if you could?
but he couldnt

Baschak 2 – I

And it was Han Somreiste that woke
To find Medusa departed, alone
he sawe brokenhearted the others in stone
‘Forget the tiding of Maya and your mother
– It rang out
‘For today is that which is not stoned, and you
– Meaning him
‘Have yet to fortify that which is weak
– It is the flesh

And it was the second day of september as this passed
And Hanson was sad for days, but inside he knew
The fortress of Aros to be fair
er than te wasteland of Anon, stretching far and wide
and leaving him there alone, a dot amongst mountains
but yet alive